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Geno's specitag.

Genothyst is on the run, but she's still legally owned by Grimm Teranova, whose fallen house he has chosen to blame entirely on her. His player and I lost contact years ago (alas, I miss him greatly! Tigerdemon, if you ever spot this, hit me up!), but it can be assumed that claiming ownership of her could possibly create the risk of confrontation with him.

While painfully dense, she will fight like a wild beast in any way she can if she feels she or her freedom are in any sort of danger. Which is very, very often. This can range from paranoid snapping at furres she passes by to outright violent hostility. Please don't assume this is some passive-aggressive statement that I dislike you or the roleplay—you'd know if that were the case—it's just the way she'd react!

Lastly, I want to apologize for all the broken links. They were the last locations those character/artist pages existed! (I mean, one artist is a good friend, but after some professional achievements I kinda doubt they'd appreciate me linking my silly RP stuff to their professional face, haha.) As soon as I find any new locations I will update those links, I promise.


Port made by Alis Dee. Art made by Alis Dee.
Port made by Ninali. Port made by me.

Unmistakably feline at first glance, Genothyst's white fur is covered in icy blue stripes from her cheeks to her tail. Dirty amethyst hair falls clear to her waist, matching her eyes and the scraggly tuft of hair at the end of her tail. Around her waist circles a faint dotted-line shaped scar. A pair of leathery black wings extend from her shoulderblades—they've atrophied from lack of use, and the membranes are scarred and torn.

It's probably obvious that she hasn't faced hard labor, combat or large portions of food in her recent years. She is ghastly thin and weak from malnutrition. Only vaguely aware of her heritage and convinced she's far stronger than she really is, the hellcat's overconfidence does nothing to aid her horrible disadvantage.

On each wrist, ankle, shoulder and thigh rests a thick, cracked black leather strap which brandishes a rusty silver ring. A tattered black velvet corset reaches nearly to her waist, a matching skirt to her ankles. Blue ribbons lace up her chest and the outside of each thigh. Just like her fur and hair, each and every piece of clothing is mottled and stiff with caked grime.


Geno has no idea that she was fathered by a specimen long fallen from the glorious marquis Naberius, a master of the arts and rhetoric and restorer of lost dignity and honor. Perhaps it's due to her hellion ancestor that she posesses undying hostility and determination. She is obsessed and maddened by the concept of freedom, and no amount of rewards or punishments have yet shaken it. The fact that somewhere, out there, a paper with her name on it exists means nothing else is good enough.

She mentally groups others into various categories, but mainly they are segregated into "slavers" and "everyone else". However, she also despises humans and vampfurres. Her experience with both are very limited—mainly her harbored anger for humans has been influenced by the views of former owners, and she fears vampfurres for their strange and powerful abilities to control the body and mind.

Anything she's frightened of or hates faces unnecessary violence and fury. Others are met with paranoia.

Geno has also managed to sample alcohol at various times in her life—from owners seeking to inhibit her vicious nature and by pilfering from house stores. Delighted with the temporary euphoric feeling it gives her, she drinks any alcohol she can steal or by some miracle afford. However, Geno is not very intelligent about alcohol, and risks drinking herself to death if ever given such an opportunity.


Genothyst's earliest memories come from that of a widely-known slave house, in which she was employed with menial unpaid labor throughout her childhood. Curiously, her origins have never interested her very much, but she'd heard mention now and then of being purchased from an auction house as an infant. It was obvious that whatever circumstance brought her into the world (rape, the more cruel masters sneered, that's what demons do to pretty young girls) had rendered her unlovable. Fitting for an unloving hellcat.

The hybrid cat grew into her teens knowing only the obedience expected by the facility, but her soul held an unquelchable fire inside her frail body. It slowly smouldered and eventually the taunting desire to leave just as the regulars and employees did overtook her common sense until she was frustratingly impossible to control. As she became maddened by the ideal of freedom, she simply dismissed the abuse her rage caused in punishment and quickly earned a reputation for being one of the most hostile creatures in the pens, once she was old enough to be placed in them.

Several years into her life as an adult house slave, she was finally purchased by a tiger-demon known as Grimm Teranova. A purebed creature of Hell himself, Grimm discovered and told her that kindred blood flowed through her veins. She was to be trained to aid the cult of Malphas in the hunting and killing of angels and their kin. He was a fair and unique master, and she learned to trust and respect him better than any other prior slaver she'd come across. She remained with him for several months, long enough to learn her tasks within the house and receive only mild training for her purpose there.

Calculated patience and fake trustworthiness benefited her greatly, as one evening she was able to flee. Fatally wounding one and injuring others, Geno made it back to Kasuria, where she loitered cautiously about the many slave trading facilities there to scavenge for food and shelter. Her freedom didn't last long, however, and she was collared again by Morisha and brought to the desert, where she remained captive in his Desert Oasis club—until she hitched a ride on a departing freight caravan and made it back to Kasuria once again.

One day alchemist Rikaru Nimorte, during a chance meeting in The Slave Chambers, gave her the "Phoenix Ring of Regeneration". The equipped ring instantly engulfed injuries in flame and magically healed them. Geno never equipped the ring, instead simply kept it with her as a means of currency until one day giving it to Loki Laufeyjarson as payment for fighting lessons.

Genothyst remains at large.

Character Art

I created the character picture featured on this site. I don't have the time to draw as often as I used to, but you can take a look at my old art if you're bored. Currently I'm not taking commissions or art trades (because seriously who'd pay for mediocre work that takes a million years to be completed), but I just may sometime in the future.

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I've seen the various trends in roleplay styles around here, and I think proper use of the English language and articulacy are a better indication of writing skill than pages upon pages of dull mental commentary, flowery purple prose, dropping articles and pronouns, and thesaurus abuse. Whether you're writing two lines or ten pages each turn, I'll work on matching it.


You've already read the same tired old rules on fifty million other character websites. If you believe auto-hitting or reacting to my character's actions on a personal level is appropriate, you don't care about rules anyway. So here's all I want you to do: have fun and be creative! That's what we're doing here, right? Please let me know if you're not having fun, and we can work together to fix it or go our separate ways.

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