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Noun's specitag.

This character's information is rather incomplete, but this is just about as close as I can get, as her species was not finalized before the continuity it exists within ended.

Here are a few questions which have come up.

So, what's with the name?
Actually, this character doesn't have one. Or rather, it's uncertain exactly how the name should be pronounced in standard Kasurian language. Furthermore, the strange feline doesn't seem terribly interested in giving it out. Generally a response can be garnered with pointing or a rude, "hey you!"

What exactly is it supposed to be?
The species, as of yet still unnamed, was made up by myself strictly to play in the Nortcha Drif continuity. I wanted a character that wasn't off-canon just for the sake of being "unique", but this character doesn't appear at all similar enough to the thirteen main races native to the Otz'Chim for me to feel comfortable calling it one. I asked the Nortcha Drif's owner for permission to create one of the "lesser" races.

Can I play one of its species?
I wish! The more the merrier, right? I feel lonely playing the only one. But it's not like I have a copyright on its distinctive features: a lithe feline with bright markings (stripes or spots), long fuzz on its front, and a bushy tail longer than its body length. If other people ever show an interest, maybe we should come up with a name and canon (fanon?) for them!

Is this a boy or a girl?
First off, if you can't tell that's actually great! Noun is supposed to appear androgynous at first glance with the lack of telltale clothes and the long chest fur. In any event, she is a young cis woman.


Port made by me. Art made by Alis Dee.

(The character does not have any wings. If her avatar has them, it is just because I enjoy them.)

Lithe and sleek, her catlike body was made for balancing on slender branches and quiet travel through forest canopies. Her hair—judging from its ragged split ends, it doesn't get very much of her attention—reaches clear down to the base of her tail. In tufts upon her shoulders, elbows, knees, heels and clear down the front of her torso sprouts particularly thick fur. Several feet longer than she is tall, her bushy, prehensile tail provides an excellent tool in her natural forest habitat.

As just another average member of just another average family in her tribe, she was raised with no demand for modesty beyond what the fuzz covering her entire front quite effectively hides. Otherwise, she constantly wears three small silver rings pierced into both of her pointed ears—and several more of these rings are braided into her hair.

Though she always appears bright and colorful, naturally her fur and hair are all ghostly white, her eyes pinkish-red. As a completely pale member of an otherwise brilliantly-colored race, she is deeply ashamed of her albinism and covered it up with custom mek (cybernetic implants) the minute she found a chop shop capable of performing the procedure. Because it operates by shining light through the transluscent strands covering her body, her eyes remain unaltered.

She changes her coat's colors to whatever suits her fancy whenever it suits her fancy to do so, but her favorite color combinations generally involve green and gray in varying intensities.

The thin fiberoptic wires which network through her flesh, additionally, serve as a light armor reinforcement against physical harm. Unfortunately, because she had her mek installed by a chop shop for the sake of saving cash, she is at a higher risk of a malfunction in her hardware. If it suffers a short, it could result in anything between loss of control over her colors to extreme pain jolting through her body until her mek can be disabled or repaired.


Alone, a stranger in a world vastly different from her home, an alienated freak of her own race, and a body which was structurally smaller and much more fragile than a great deal of the native races she found within the sephira—she is definitely material for a depressed, nervous wreck. Perhaps beneath the infallable front she puts on, she really is.

She was taught from the beginning of her life, like any other youngster, that she was part of a proud race whose skills in stealth and in the hunt were unrivaled—which was to a certain degree truthful, considering their naturally high agility. Though having seen some of the frightening entities which existed outside of their mountainous, forested path, she fully believes still that she is a respectable ambassador from a noble kingdom.

Furthermore, she is proud of what she thinks of as her enhanced fur. As her tribe has been traditionally known for their brilliant patterns, according to her the fact that she can adjust hers at will sets her a rung above the rest.

Although either mute, unwilling to talk, or just plain unable to speak any language recognizeable to other natives of the Otz'Chim, her body language and tendency to follow anyone (or anything) she deems interesting speaks of a confidence which often saddles her with trouble.


Within the brightly colored mountain forest tribes of her species, the young girl was born with albinism. Although her species, which lives in the mountain forests on Route 7-6 (between Tiphareth and Netzach in Yetzirah) off the native fruits and berries in wooden and leather structures carefully built into the trees, is primitive in tradition, they were not so ignorant as to purposely alienate her because of her unique condition. However, the children she grew up with were still children, and the teasing came relentlessly throughout her early life.

As horribly wounded and confused children are apt to do, she fled from her tribe in her early teens with whatever precious gems and other valuables she could find within her family's home. She made her way down to Hod, but before quite reaching Yesod she discovered the Nortcha Drif—which caught her curiousity quite well. Lurking about with her ears open, she picked up knowledge about the other sephira, the Ruin, and mek.

Both fascinated and inspired by the concept of mek, she used the money she took from her family to find a specialist who could construct a device which enabled her to have color in her fur. For a miniscule added fee, the shop even threw in the capability to alter her colors at her discretion.

It was not long before she exited the Drif, and found herself in Kasuria.

Character Art

I created the character picture featured on this site. I don't have the time to draw as often as I used to, but you can take a look at my old art if you're bored. Currently I'm not taking commissions or art trades (because seriously who'd pay for mediocre work that takes a million years to be completed), but I just may sometime in the future.

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